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Spring Tablescaping with Hodge Pots

Article By Sahara .

Mar 22, 2024

Welcome to the world of Hodge Pots, where creativity meets clay, and joy is shaped into tangible forms. Founded by fashion stylist turned ceramicist, Nikki Seymour, Hodge Pots brings a burst of colour and imagination to the table—literally. Hodge Pots isn't just about crafting pottery—it's about weaving stories, creating memories, and infusing everyday moments with boundless creativity.
As we prepare to gather around our Easter tables, let Hodge Pots be your guide to setting the scene for unforgettable moments. From handcrafted vases to whimsical candle holders, each piece is a testament to Nikki's journey—a journey fuelled by a desire to spread love and happiness through art.
So, take a moment to indulge in the simple pleasures of life. Dress your table with care, weave together colours and patterns that speak to your soul, and celebrate the beauty of everyday acts of creativity. Because setting a table isn't just about the arranging —it's about crafting moments that last a lifetime.

Can you tell us about the inspiration behind Hodge Pots and how your journey from fashion stylist to pottery artist unfolded?

The inspiration behind Hodge Pots stems from many sources. The main one being my grandfather, he was a pottery and art teacher, and I was fortunate enough to grow up amongst his beautiful creations. The progression from Fashion Stylist was a natural one. When I am styling, I am creating fashion shoots and looks that are eye catching, vibrant, joyful with an abundance of personality, just like my Hodge Pots.

Your vases are described as both functional vessels and striking decorative pieces. Can you share some insights into the design process and how you aim to elevate spaces with your iconic candy-striped motif?

The heart of Hodge Pots is authenticity, I always design keeping in mind what I personally would love to have in my own home. If a design idea sparks joy and excitement in me then I know that will be the next Hodge Pots collection.  
My aim is to transfer my own joy and excitement and sense of surprise in my designs into the home of their owners. Each Hodge Pot is completely unique and handmade by me from scratch from my North London Studio. No two pieces are the same.
In the current housing and the cost-of-living crisis I wanted to make affordable high quality, purpose led homewares that can also be displayed as artwork. 

The candle holders from Hodge Pots are crafted with reclaimed clay and brightly coloured glaze. What inspired the incorporation of reclaimed materials, and how does this contribute to the uniqueness of your candle holders?

I use recycled clay for its closed-loop characteristics. Closed-loop systems are a sustainable concept, which means that reprocessing of a material can be done indefinitely without degradation of properties. Recycled clay is not only a durable material but uses less energy to produce compared to metal and plastic. 

With a focus on handmade products in the heart of London, how do you see Hodge Pots fitting into the narrative of supporting local craftsmanship and artistry?

At a time when craft and crafting has never been so sought after, I feel very privileged to be part of this warm and welcoming London Craft community. I relish the opportunity to join forces with fellow creatives, whether it’s adding my signature touch to other products or integrating artistry techniques. Every collaboration is a celebration of combined vision and expertise.
 I am a self-taught ceramicist constantly learning and building my skills whilst always evolving my pottery practice. As I have taught myself, my techniques are unique to me. The heart of Hodge Pots is about embracing individuality, imperfection, going against the grain and above all, creating unique pieces that spark joy.

The Easter season often brings a focus on gatherings and celebrations. How do you envision Hodge Pots contributing to the ambiance of Easter tablescapes?

I envision Hodge Pot's organic forms and imaginative designs will brighten and bring touches of joy to your day. Hand made with reclaimed clay and painted with brightly coloured glaze; these centrepieces will not only bring a real dopamine hit to your Easter tablescape, but a great talking point amongst your guests.

How would you describe your process when creating a joyful tablescape? Can you offer our readers your tips and tricks as they think about their Easter décor?

Taking time to create a beautiful space to bring people together is an uplifting act of self-care. I love using bright colours and happy patterns to create a maximalist abundant tablescape. I want to always create a dopamine hit with my table styling.
1)    Start by using the tablecloth as a foundation. That will transform the table instantly and set the tone for the rest of your Easter tablescape.
2)    Go for playful maximalism. Tablescaping should be fun! This Easter, consider bringing playfulness by mixing and matching colours, patterns and centrepieces. Sometimes the most unexpected pairings are the best!
3)    If you have chosen a vibrant tablecloth then consider a more neutral table mat. Wicker will work beautifully as the texture will still spark interest without making the table too busy.
4)    Create a glow with candlelight and play around with various candle holders and coloured tapered candles.
5)    Flowers are essential for elevating your table and bringing nature indoors. The blooms don’t need to be expensive; all you need to do is cut the stems, bunch together tightly and add to your chosen vase. Don’t forget to add fresh water (but not too cold). You can also use candle holders as bud vases which are perfect for filling small empty spaces which is a lovely way of creating varying heights which will add to the overall visual interest.  
6)    Don’t be afraid to mix and match your plates and cutlery. Include items that mean something to you and bring you joy. Don’t save things for special occasions, every day should be special.

Can you share any upcoming projects or collections from Hodge Pots that our readers can look forward to?

I am excited to announce that I have created my first tableware collection which launches on my website this week (just in time for Easter) The collection is called the ‘Squiggle collection’ and has the signature Hodge Pots candy stripes with a twist! 
As you set your Easter table, let Hodge Pots be your beacon of fearless creativity.  Embrace the whimsy, celebrate the individuality, and let your table tell a story of laughter, love, and the simple joys of life.
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