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Jasmine Hemsley | Part 2 | Style

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May 24, 2023

“Colour, comfort as well as ethical and eco are my buzzwords for shopping and styling”

- Jasmine Hemsley
We had the pleasure of sitting down with Jasmine Hemsley - wellbeing expert, three-time bestselling author and TV presenter. The founder of Hemsley + Hemsley and East by West; a chef, restaurateur and food & health writer, Jasmine believes in conscious joyful living, taking a 360-degree approach to health based on the principles of Ayurveda. Constantly on-the-go, Jasmine’s effortlessly chic style also follows this ethos, as she's become a champion of sustainable fashion. During our SS23 shoot in Mallorca we caught up with Jasmine on her philosophy on getting dressed, her love for comfortable and easy shapes, and the timeless pieces she envisions wearing year-round. We also delved into her go-to beach-ready essentials and her vibrant relationship with colour, both in her wardrobe and home decor. Jasmine's wisdom and love for self-care shine through in every word, leaving us inspired to embrace our own individuality and take care of ourselves along the way.

On top of being a business owner, you’re also a mother, how do you get dressed in a rush to get out the door and still look so on point?

I usually have three outfits on the go that I wear in rotation - that suit my mood, the weather and what I’m up to. Colour, comfort as well as ethical and eco are my buzzwords for shopping and styling. Big patterns, easy shapes, undone hair and simple make up. Or makeup with a feature such as liquid eyeliner or bright lips plus pulled back hair, plain outfit and statement jewellery makes me feel comfortable but put together.

You’re quite the style icon, who else’s style do you admire and who inspires you?

I have to say most of my inspiration comes from Instagram these days! I’m not into trends like I was in my twenties and thirties so much, but I can’t help being inspired by people’s personal style. I follow lots of people who champion second-hand, vintage and sustainable which give me no end of inspiration as whilst I can’t always purchase the exact pieces, I can emulate and layer the same look and feel with my existing wardrobe.

We asked you to share the love for Sahara’s SS23 collections, what attracted you to the brand?

I’m drawn to the easy and comfortable shapes that you can throw on effortlessly and still look like you’ve put thought into what you’re wearing. The brand eco credentials are also impressive. It helps that this season’s collection reminds me of resortwear which is what I’m wearing in my fantasy life beachside.

“I love the Flower Embroidered dress - which I can belt or leave loose and flowing”


We were lucky enough to shoot our SS23 collections with you on the beautiful island of Majorca. What’s your fave look from the collection?

The Swirl Print Linen Jacket I’d wear this all year around - summer evenings with a vest and winter with a jumper, scarf and boots. So chic and timeless

What are your go-to beach-ready pieces summer 23?

I love one-piece swimsuits and bodies which are so incredibly versatile. Team one with a pair of trousers or a skirt or kaftan for lunch at a restaurant and then peel off the layers to be beach ready. I also love the Flower Embroidered dress - which I can belt or leave loose and flowing whilst being as comfy as wearing my pjs.

At Sahara we love colour and playful prints. How is your relationship with colour? Do you find certain colours affect your mood?

This is why I love Sahara pieces - there is no end to colour and prints and I have a love for both! I’m definitely drawn to certain colours at certain times. Most of my wardrobe is pink and red or green and blue. With some purple and yellow in between.

We’ve all heard the saying that we should be consuming a rainbow diet… do you apply this concept to your wardrobe and home décor? Your house is bursting with colour!

I love colour, when it comes to interiors and my wardrobe, both are an ever-evolving moodboard of pieces I’m attracted to which somehow work together - for me at least!

“I love Sahara pieces – there is no end to colour and prints, and I have a love for both”


What would we find in your handbag?

Lipbalm, handcream, my phone, blusher, a hairband, an insulated flask of hot water and probably a poo bag for my dogs. And nowadays a bag of snacks for my daughter, crumbs and random items she’s put in there.

You have the skin of an angel, what’s your secret?

Sipping hot water throughout the day, prioritising the right sleep window and a Kansa Wand facial with a natural oil - which also helps me to wind down and sleep as well as giving me an immediate and long-term glow!…

Tell us a little bit about your philosophy on ageing?

Take time to take care of yourself. And take time to love yourself.

Who inspires you?

My meditation teachers - they have so much wisdom whilst still retaining a playful take on life - a chat with my original meditation teacher Gary Gorrow always lifts and inspires me to be a better version of myself.

Is there anything you simply can’t live without?

Probably… chocolate. I HAVE lived without it and I didn’t like it much!


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