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Quick & Easy Energy Balls

Article By Sahara .

Mar 31, 2020

If you're like us, then all this time at home means more temptation to snack...
Whether you're in need of some extra energy at your home-desk, or just have a little more time on your hands for experimenting in the kitchen, these cashew and date energy balls are the perfect healthy go-to (and they're quick too!). 

Our Marketing Manager, Irena shares her energy-boosting recipe. With only 3 main ingredients required, all of which are store cupboard essentials (or can be found easily in all supermarket aisles), they’re ideal for isolation. Know someone with children in the house? These are the perfect afternoon diversion to make together…
225g dates (these don’t need to be fresh -  they can be found in the dried fruit section in your local store)
150g cashews
50g oats
Pinch of salt
2tsp ginger/ cinnamon/ cacao to flavour
Add the cashews and oats to a food processor and blend for a couple of minutes until they form a fine, floury mixture.
Then add the dates to the mixture and blend again. This can take quite a few minutes, until it forms a sticky consistency. Depending on how dry the dates are, you may wish to add more to get a more workable mixture.
You can then choose to flavour your energy balls – I like to separate the mixture and add cinnamon to half, and ginger to the other half. Whizz the ingredients with your chosen flavours and a pinch of salt, to combine.
Now the fun part – take a small handful of the mixture and press & roll the ingredients firmly (it gets easier after the first few when your hands are a little warmer) to roll into small individual balls.
They are best refrigerated for a couple of hours before tucking in. These will last in your fridge for up to 10 days (although they’re so delicious I’m sure they won’t last more than a couple of days!)
I like to enjoy them with a little tahini or peanut butter drizzled on top with a lovely cup of coffee.
Irena x 



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