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Behind the Scenes

Our Moroccan Adventure

Article By Sahara .

Feb 12, 2019

With a nod to our past, we returned to Morocco to shoot our Spring/Summer 2019 Collections. Our production and styling team spent a magical week soaking up the sun and culture of Essaouira, shooting on location back in September. Since then, we’ve been perfecting the range and curating our latest Spring catalogue – which will have just arrived on your doorstep!


Seeing the final outcome of our catalogue is always an exciting time for us all at Sahara. Knowing the meticulous planning, hard work and long days that go into making the range and translating the design story into beautiful imagery, it really does pay off. So, we thought we would give you a little more insight into our Moroccan adventure…


After landing at the airport, we made the journey by car to the busy and vibrant town of Essaouira. This breezy port town welcomed us with sun, breath-taking scenery and was bustling with fishermen selling their fresh catches of the day. With the cobbled streets off its medinas being too narrow, a very kind local helped us to shuttle all (19!) of our cases through to our base location, and home for a week.

Our production and photography crew spent the first day out on a recce, travelling the city to discover the best shoot locations, as well as mapping out a shoot schedule for the week ahead. The next day, we rose at 4:30am and made the journey out of the medinas to the coast, to a private beach in Sidi Kaouki well known for its surf club.

Arriving at sunrise, we watched the sand dunes light up as we set up our styling area and began hair and makeup – you might recognise these striking dunes from the front cover of our Spring catalogue. The shoot days were long, with the team typically waking at 6am and not stopping till 8pm, working in the hot climate at a fast-pace. To give you an idea of just how fast-paced, we shot over 100 pieces over 4 days!

While we explored the ancient medinas of Essaouira, we couldn’t help but be enchanted by the rich, nutty smell of argan seeds being crushed to make argan oil; and we were fortunate enough to meet the amazing women who’ve mastered the art of creating this beauty wonder.

Argan oil, famed for its natural moisturising properties, is produced from the kernels of the argan tree which are native to Morocco. It was lovely to witness the sense of community that these wonderful working women have. It goes without saying that their argan oil felt even better to use having seen the extraction process, and the results really are wondrous – our hair and skin definitely felt it!

Each day we explored a new area; from the majestic, soft sand dunes and the rugged but dreamy coastline, to the bustling streets and quieter passageways of Essaouira. Each location was filled with a sense of unique culture, history and vibrancy – from the picturesque scenery to the very hospitable locals. This, combined with a wonderfully fun and talented team, meant our Moroccan adventure was truly unforgettable.

“Marrakech introduced me to colour… although I was used to the light and colours of North Africa, it was only later, when I discovered Morocco, that I understood my colours were those of zellige mosaics, zouacs, djellabas and kaftans. For whatever daring things I have done since then, I am indebted to the country, to the violence of its harmonies, the insolence of its mixtures, the intensity of its inventions.” – Yves Saint Laurent


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