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Jasmine Hemsley | Part 3 | Travel

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Jul 5, 2023

In this exclusive interview we chat with Jasmine Hemsley, a seasoned traveler, wellbeing expert, three-time bestselling author and TV presenter. From backpacking adventures to extravagant palace stays, Jasmine shares her love for exploration. Learn her secrets for staying healthy on the road, including the importance of hydration and finding moments of tranquility. Discover the essential items she never leaves home without, including her beloved Tongue Tingler and versatile beach-ready pieces and delve into her desert island playlist, a collection of soul-stirring melodies that resonate with her adventurous spirit.

Where is your ultimate holiday destination and who would you take?

Nick. It’s been 20 years of adventure and I still love travelling with him. We’ve been lucky enough to visit incredible places around the world (including the UK) - from staying in hostels in New Zealand to palaces in India. We would both love to go back to Sri Lanka and surf in the warm waters again.


Can you tell us how you stay healthy while on the road?

Lots of water and naps or time out to meditate wherever I can get them. I always carry an insulated flask so I can have warm to hot water wherever I am, digestive spices and of course my Tongue Tingler for the mornings and a Kansa Wand to help me wind down and relax every evening in unfamiliar surroundings.

Are you someone that travels light, or like us do you pack a month’s worth of clothing for a weekend away?

I’m extreme when it comes to packing! I can either backpack it and live in pretty much the same outfit, handwashing as I go, or I can pack three suitcases for a long weekend and go all out if there’s a chance to dress up!

What would we find in your holiday suitcase?

A Tongue Tingler, I’d choose this over my toothbrush! A hat or cap - I prefer this to sunglasses to keep the sun out of my eyes and face most of the time, Sahara's Soft Twill Cuff Hem trousers for cooler evenings and travelling, sneakers and sandals and then (assuming it’s a hot weather holiday which is always my favourite), piles of lightweight, easy to wear style statements. The Zen Garden Kimono I can wear to the beach during the day and over a dress in the evening.

"The Zen Garden Kimono I can wear to the beach during the day and over a dress in the evening"

What are your go-to beach-ready pieces summer 23?

I love one-piece swimsuits and bodies which are so incredibly versatile. Team one with a pair of trousers or a skirt or kaftan for lunch at a restaurant and then peel off the layers to be beach ready. I’d also love the Flower Embroidered Dress - which I can belt or leave loose and flowing whilst being as comfy as wearing my pjs.

What songs would feature on your desert island playlist?

God only knows by The Beach Boys
The Wichita Lineman by Glen Campbell
I love you Jessie Jain
At last Etta James
Comfortably Numb Pink Floyd
Push it by Salt & Pepper
The Power of Love Alexia Chellun
Rock your baby George McCrae
Strong by London Grammar
Cherry Oh baby U2
Yellow Brick Road Elton John
I just rattled these off. If I had to really create the ultimate desert island playlist I’d be here for weeks - so many songs have emotional value for me.
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