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Oct 11, 2018

Autumn 2018 sees the release of our luxurious and beautifully draping Soft Crinkle Crepe Collection. Featuring a longer, sweeping version of our classic bubble silhouette dress, button down shirts, a stylish top and statement trousers; this delicately textured fabric lends itself perfectly to the signature shapes that have come to define Sahara’s design philosophy.

This modal-rich blend is a new fabric for Sahara and its eco-friendly credentials, coupled with its luxuriously soft texture, have made it the perfect choice for our designers.

“We chose the modal blend fabric because it combined the delicate crinkle texture with the ability to elegantly drape our garments. It lends itself perfectly to the voluminous styles we have at the moment. It’s soft, luxurious to the touch and creates a woven version of our customer’s favourite jersey bubble silhouette.” 

— Christine Shaw, Senior Designer at Sahara

What Is Modal?

Modal is a type of rayon –a semi-synthetic fabric that is made using cellulose fibre. It can be used alone but is often blended with other materials. It’s silky to the touch and is much more resistant to shrinking or pilling than cotton.

How Is Modal Made?

Modal is made from the fibre of beech trees. The fibres are extracted from the trees and pulped until they are in liquid form. This liquid is then forced through tiny holes, which creates the fibres that can then be woven to create modal fabric.

From soft crinkle crepe dresses in classic black and regal damson, to button down shirts, a collarless top and classic bubble silhouette trousers;  the modal blend pieces in our collection are lightweight, elegantly draped and feel like raw silk to the touch, making them the perfect dress-up or dress-down options for your new season wardrobe.

Discovering, developing and working with new and innovative fabrics is central to Sahara’s design process, and we hope that you enjoy the relaxed elegance of our crinkle crepe pieces as much as we loved creating them.

All of the pieces in our Soft Crinkle Crepe Collection are part of our Made in England range, and we remain proud to support British manufacturing.


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