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Charity Partner Story: Amazon Watch

Article By Sahara .

Aug 30, 2019

We have been watching in horror at the images of the Amazonian fires.
In an effort to do something to help, we are donating 25% of our August Bank Holiday Weekend profits to Amazon Watch, a non-profit charity who do incredible work to protect the rainforest. 
We’d like to extend a huge THANK YOU to everyone who purchased from Sahara during the August Bank Holiday weekend. We’re so grateful for the support and your new Sahara purchase has helped raise funds for such a critical cause.
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Reuter’s have reported that Amazonian fires have hit a record number this year, and the space agency INPE claim that the fires could not be attributed to natural phenomena alone. Bolsonaro, who has been President of Brazil since January has openly shared his intention to develop the Amazon region for farming and mining.

Left photo:

So as the lungs of our planet burn, what can we do? 

The Gaia Foundation, a charity with whom Sahara works closely with has the following ideas for action we can all take now:

1) Tell the EU and the UK Government to withdraw support for and impose trade sanctions on Bolsonaro as others (Incl. Norway and Germany) already have: (or search for/start a similar action wherever you are in the world).

  2) Support the Indigenous communities who are the Amazon's best guardians and who are also under threat from Bolsonaro's policies.

 3) See how you can support the work of organisations like women seeding change who are planting trees, not burning them down.


Rainforest conservation is a topic that Sahara’s Directors feel very passionate about. Vic Coppersmith was founder and trustee of rainforest conservation charity Earth Love Fund for many years before he joined Suzy to run Sahara, and Sahara continues to support forest and indigenous peoples conservation projects regularly. 


"A man without lungs is akin to the Earth without the Amazon"


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