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An Escape for Nature's Sake: Luxe Eco-Stays in the UK

Article By Sahara .

Nov 10, 2022


The Pig

A Paradise for Gourmands Just a Stone’s Throw Away  
Various Locations, South England

A family of farm-to-table “restaurants with rooms”, the Pig offers the perfect weekend trip for food-lovers looking for a truly exceptional and sustainable experience. With boutique properties in some of the most beautiful locations in the UK from Kent to Dorset, the Pig offers cosy stays in the countryside as well as in the heart of town. 

The Pig is serious about locally-grown, seasonal, sustainable British food and proudly serves guests delicious meals comprised of ingredients grown in their own kitchen garden. They work with local foragers, farmers and chefs to create a truly unique experience highlighting the local ecosystem as it changes throughout the seasons. Whether its award-winning cheese, fresh seafood or English wine that you’re after, the Pig has it all. 

Committed to reducing their ecological footprint while supporting local business, the Pig’s “25 Mile Menu” program ensures all suppliers come from within a 25-mile radius of each Pig hotel. Along with producing much of their food themselves, the Pig goes to great lengths to make as little waste as possible, including inventive solutions such as growing delicious mushrooms on spent coffee grounds. Boasting unforgettable meals, spa treatments and charming properties in the most beautiful parts of the country, the Pig is at the top of our list of places to visit this Autumn. 





Treehouse Hotel 

An Eco Staycation in the Heart of London

London If you’re looking to trade out the quiet of the countryside for a weekend enjoying the festive buzz of London, the Treehouse Hotel in Marylebone is the perfect place for a luxe eco-stay in the centre of town. 

Inspired by the nostalgic feeling of building a treehouse as a child, the hotel celebrates found objects, locally-sourced treats and a creative attitude that sets it apart from other spaces. Nestled high in the sky, enjoy impressive city views from a relaxed, homely space featuring repurposed wood as well as a biophilic wall cascading with greenery. 





Alladale Wilderness Reserve

Rewild Your Soul in the Highlands

For a true escape to nature, there are few places in the world that compare to the Scottish Highlands. Just an hour’s drive from Inverness, Alladale Wilderness Reserve consists of three different lodges nestled in a sprawling 23,000-acre utopia, each with their own spectacular views of the surrounding landscapes.

With a commitment to rewilding the Highlands and a partnership with The European Nature Trust, the Alladale team has re-introduced many original plant and wildlife species to the local ecosystem including Scottish wildcats and European elk. Every booking on the property supports various projects including peatland restoration, conservation research, reforestation and youth education. 

Open from April thru early January, Alladale is one of National Geographic’s picks for “Best of the World: Six Places to Rediscover Nature for 2021” and has captivated our imagination for what sustainable tourism can look like. 





Saorsa 1875

The UK’s First Vegan Hotel

Designed for both vegans and the “plant-curious”, Saorsa 1875 is a small family-owned hotel that puts it’s ethical mission first. As the UK’s first completely vegan hotel, this Victorian manor in the Scottish highlands proves that luxury can be 100% cruelty-free. 

Enjoy a delicious vegan meal featuring locally-sourced produce or cosy up by the fire in the hotel’s lounge-space with a drink inspired by the beautiful landscapes of the Highlands. Although it’s housed inside a 19th century baronial edifice, the rooms at Saorsa 1875 have playful bohemian interiors that offer relaxing respite from busy living.





The Fish

A Village in the Woods 

Nestled into rolling hills of a 400-acre private estate in the Cotswolds, The Fish feels like its own idyllic village. A collection of unique cosy rooms have been created from an old coach house, stables and a farmhouse alongside modern additions such as luxe multi-room tree-houses and the hotel’s main Lodge.  With a commitment to “going green and giving back”, the Fish Hotel’s group Farncombe is working on all kinds of sustainable solutions for it’s properties including sending food waste to an “anaerobic digester” (a more sustainable biodegrading process), using the estate’s own water to fulfil guests’s water needs and replanting every tree they use. Farncombe has also joined the Countryside Stewardship Scheme to help fund projects in local wildlife preservation and organic farming.






Where Ecological Preservation meets Historical Conservation

A celebration of history, preservation and our connection to the places around us, Thyme is a restored Cotswold manor that feels like home the moment you arrive. Combining passions of historical conservation and ecological preservation, the creators of Thyme have built a beautiful, cosy space which seamlessly connects to the tranquil farmland around it.

With an award-winning restaurant and rooms it would be easy to dismiss how much work the founders of Thyme have done to make sure the property is eco-friendly. Using “green engineering” from day one of the restoration, the house includes sophisticated new technology such as an energy-saving ventilation and a spring water swimming pool. Sustainability is built into the culture at Thyme, where you can find all kinds of interesting events, talks and cooking classes highlighting how to live better while conserving the land around us for generations to come. 




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