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A Life Exotic | High Summer ’24

Article By Sahara .

Jun 14, 2024

This season, Sahara invites you to embrace the spirit of "A Life Exotic" – a world brimming with vibrant locales, the thrill of travel, and a touch of wanderlust. But this doesn't just translate to far-flung destinations; it's about capturing that adventurous essence and weaving it into your everyday life.
Our High Summer collection celebrates the restorative power of summer—the sun's warmth on your skin, the salty scent of the ocean breeze, and the soft caress of sand beneath your feet. It's a feeling that reconnects us with nature's rhythm, a yearning for exploration and connection.

The backdrop for this shoot is a whimsical and vibrant family home – a perfect embodiment of the underlying inspiration. This five-bedroom Victorian treasure trove explodes with a symphony of colours and textures. Everywhere you turn there’s unapologetic shades and global influences. This playful juxtaposition of styles reflects the essence of the collection: versatile pieces that transition seamlessly from the comfort of your home to exotic escapes.
Inspired by the beauty of the natural world, our collection features bold floral motifs and captivating mandala prints. These aren't just fleeting trends; they're a continuation of a signature Sahara aesthetic – a love letter to the very landscapes that ignite our wanderlust. Made with our signature naturally derived fibres like wood pulp viscose and linen, fabrics chosen for their cooling properties and luxurious drape, these pieces are perfect for embracing the season's warmth.



This season's prints transcend the literal. We explore a world of softened, artistic interpretations, where swirling abstract clouds and delicately rendered foxgloves dance across our fabrics. The palette remains bold and bright, yet tempered by these ethereal qualities, creating a sense of effortless elegance. Each piece is a canvas for your summer story, a perfect balance of artistic expression and easy wearability.
Forget fussy details and complicated construction. Our High Summer collection is all about effortless ease. We've designed flowing silhouettes and relaxed shapes that drape beautifully and feel like a second skin. These are throw-on-and-go pieces, ready for whatever life has to throw at them. Combine airy silhouettes with statement accessories for a touch of drama, or let the natural fibres and contemporary cuts speak for themselves.



The collection is a feast for the senses, featuring a curated selection of our favourite designer prints and colour palettes. Whether you gravitate towards soft, feminine florals or playful patchwork patterns with a beach-ready vibe, there's something special for every mood and occasion.
Explore the collection and discover pieces that inspire adventure, evoke the spirit of travel, and add a touch of effortless elegance to your warm-weather wardrobe.



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