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Divine Sustenance | Recipe Inspiration in a Digital Age

Article By Sahara .

Jun 29, 2020

Staying a little closer to home than normal has meant many more home-cooked meals. This endeavour has been exciting for some, entirely unwanted for others, and exhausting for many. We all have family favourites and easy options to fall back on, but a little variation can prove a welcome boost to both our physical and emotional wellbeing. 

The trick then becomes where to begin and how to expand your repertoire. Whether you’re a cooking aficionado or simply find yourself divinely uninspired, our roundup of the best all-female foodie Instagram accounts to follow now will provide some welcome ideas to enliven your meals at home. 


Linda Ring 

Instagram: @lindasofiaring
Linda Ring is an artist. It’s that simple. She takes the humble ingredients in bread and creates pieces of art that also serve a consumptive purpose. Though intimidating at first glance, this account offers endless presentation inspiration and you can check out demonstrations of her scoring techniques in the highlights.



Anna Jones 

Instagram: @we_are_food
Take a deep dive into the world of vegetarian cookbook author and unfussy chef Anna Jones. Her recipes are elevated, highly flavoured versions of classic home-cooked fare. If you have an interest in using seasonal or local British produce, she is an invaluable fount of knowledge.



Baked by Benji 

Instagram: @bakedbybenji
Baked by Benji is the account to follow if you believe baked goods are just that. Though a dangerous proposition to have access to such gorgeously photographed baking, the account offers endless ideas and inspiration for amateur and expert bakers alike. 



Alexandra Dudley 

Instagram: @alexandradudley
Indulge your senses in the recipes and stylings of Alexandra Dudley. Her approachable fare is always scrumptious, and her Instagram videos (IGTV) are a veritable cooking show on-demand to satisfy your every hunger pang.



Shiso Delicious 

Instagram: @shisodelicious
If your motto for eating is the enviable “eat food, not too much, mostly plants” then Shiso Delicious is a perfect addition to your Instagram feed. With informative videos on an incredible range of recipes, this account offers dreamy vegan Asian recipes photographed to mouth-watering effect. 



Rosie Foodie 

Instagram: @rosiefoodie
Who better to spark joy in your home cooking than the author of a book by that very same name? Rosie Birkett is a prolific writer and her recipes are an honest look at what we really want to eat - dessert included! Her beautiful imagery highlights the fresh, healthy core to her food and taste as good as they look. 



Amelia Freer 

Instagram: @ameliafreer
Amelia Freer keeps it simple. Her timeless recipes are meant to encourage, rather than overwhelm, the home cook. They are family-friendly meals for their accessible methods and use of vibrantly colourful produce. Be sure to read the full captions as the entire recipe is often included. Her Instagram following is also treated to the heart-warming intersection of her work and family life.



Letitia Ann Clark 

Instagram: @letitia_ann_clark
Based on the rich flavours and simplicity of Sardinian cooking, her writing on food is pure poetry. It is guaranteed to transport you to a combination of your most poignant food memories and most visceral cravings. Great for anchovy lovers, you’ll find wholesome recipes highlighting the best ingredients. 



Wine Bird 

Instagram: @winebird
In a traditionally male-dominated profession, Helena Nicklin of Wine Bird is a refreshing name to know. Her account is filled with reviews, tidbits, and highlights full to the brim with recommendations for your next glass. In vino veritas indeed…



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