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Candle Making this Christmas

Article By Sahara .

Dec 4, 2020

The festive season may look a little different this year, but you can still get that Christmas feeling with cosy crafts and uplifting traditions; perfect for evenings spent making special memories together.

In the darker, shorter days of winter, there is one indispensable element needed for creating atmosphere: candles. The warmth of their flickering glow can turn any gathering into a comfortable and intimate event. Candles are also an accessible luxury that everyone gets to enjoy (not to mention they are the perfect gift) and now you can create your own. Follow the simple steps below to fill your space with a homely feeling and your own signature scent.

What you will need:
Your wax of choice (we like using soy wax)
A Bain-marie and small pan
2 pouring jugs
Candleholder of choice
Candle Wick and a clothes peg
Your favourite essential oils

Step 1:
Prepare your candle container by attaching your wick to the bottom of a clean and dry vessel. The simplest method is to use double-sided stickers.
Hold the wick central by clamping it with a peg.
Measure out your wax. We suggest measuring around double the amount of dry wax that your container can hold.
Add some water to the bottom of your pan and add the wax into the bain-marie.
Slowly heat the wax over the pan until the wax is all dissolved. You want the wax to be around 65-75c.



Step 2:
Gently pour your hot wax into one pouring jug, then add your personal blend of fragrance. We advise not mixing more than 3 scent notes, around 3-8 drops per one.
Pour the wax from one jug to the other to mix well, acting quickly before the wax solidifies.



Let the candle harden completely for around 48hrs. You can then snip your wick to the desired length (around 0.5 cm above the wax is ideal). And enjoy!

When choosing the scent to add to your candle, there is one simple rule to follow - use what you love. There is no 'best' combination as long as you enjoy it. However, here are some recognisably festive notes to use a guide:
Pine, Eucalyptus, Amber, Frankincense, Cinnamon, Orange.



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