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Yak – The New Cashmere

Article By Sahara .

Nov 27, 2018

Here at Sahara, we have always pioneered the sourcing of new textiles, knits and yarns, seeking out the best sustainable materials with which to create considered pieces made to be loved. This season we’ve added a new fibre to our repertoire, crafting sumptuously soft knitwear from a blend of merino and yak’s wool.
What is yak’s wool?
Historically, yak’s wool has been used by nomadic Tibetan peoples to make shawls and ponchos and has more recently found its way into collections further afield. We’ve adopted yak wool as a new and versatile go-to for the cooler seasons, relishing its ability not only to warm us through the winter but to inspire our future designs.
The ethically sourced, ultra-soft fibre we use to make Sahara pieces comes from the underside of sheared yak’s wool. These fine fibres have a comparable softness to cashmere making it delightfully soft to the touch. Furthermore, yak’s wool has a higher lustre than sheep’s wool making it incredibly warm yet lightweight. For its many benefits, we’ve nicknamed it ‘yak the wonder yarn’.
Our yak’s wool pieces…
For our yak wool pieces, we aimed to tap into an innate feeling of comfort, closeness and community, channelling the Tibetan families who have used yak yarn to keep themselves warm for generations. Our designers added classic features like ribbed cuffs to these new knits but also introduced more traditional elements, like cosy pointed hoods and warm, wide sleeves.
Finished in neutral tones that can be styled up or down and easily teamed with anything, these designs are perfect for layering on chilly winter days or for donning with something simple in order to feel the sublime softness of the yarn against the skin. We’re happy to say that yak the wonder yarn has transformed our latest collections and is certainly here to stay.


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