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Wellness During Times Of Change | Meditation

Article By Sahara .

Jul 9, 2020

"To practice the art of relaxation is to possess the key to good health, vitality and peace of mind, as it restores your whole being and liberates great resources of energy."
- Dr. Kiki Morriss

The current climate may seem a little more relaxed - we're able to meet in small groups and we're delighted to be able to welcome you through the doors of our boutiques once again. However, significant changes from our 'normal' life look like they might remain the new norm for some time... With that, it's vital that we feel supported and healthy; this starts from within. We hope these small acts of self-kindness help you during this time. For our second instalment of The Wellness Series, Dr. Kiki Morriss talks to us about the ancient practice of Yoga Nidra, which is a simple but highly effective form of meditation. She talks about her latest project, Becalmed, an album of meditative practices created with Finnish-born composer and musician Anné Kulonen. A beautiful way to engage in self-care during lockdown.  



Dr Kiki Morriss on the practice of Yoga Nidra Yoga Nidra, also known as Yogic Sleep, is a deep and effective, yet simple meditation practice, which has been proven to reduce stress, aid conscious relaxation and supports one's psychological well-being. Rather like a guided meditation, you simply lie under a blanket or duvet and listen as you are guided to deep relaxation. I have practised yoga since I was 6 years old and this is the most profound technique I have found for complete emotional, physical and mental relaxation. On the power of visualisation and mantra At the beginning and end of Yoga Nidra you will be asked to repeat an intention or Sankalpa. This is a short, positive statement, which is repeated three times. Some examples of a Sankalpa are “I am successful in all that I do”,

“I achieve total health” or
“I am a positive force for the evolution of others.” The Sankalpa is very powerful, as it is impressed on the subconscious mind when it is receptive and sensitive to autosuggestion during Yoga Nidra. Another part of the practice involves visualising images from nature such as a wide, open blue sky, a waterfall or a butterfly landing on a leaf. This induces mental relaxation, guides the mind to concentrate and develops profound feelings of calmness and peace. Guided image visualisation is a powerful way to resolve repressed conflicts, desires and memories, whilst awakening your creativity.



On her inspiration for Becalmed Last year I teamed up with Finnish-born composer and musician Anné Kulonen to create an album of Yoga Nidra practices. The album is called Becalmed and it is available on iTunes. Our aim was to give people a simple way to bring calm and relaxation into their daily lives from the comfort of their own homes. Click here to preview and download the Becalmed meditation album.   



 On the album you can choose to use Yoga Nidra as a sleep aid to encourage calm, serene and restful nights, or as a practice during the daytime to soothe stresses, increase your productivity, creativity and focus whilst providing rest and relaxation. You can also listen to the meditations either with or without the soundscapes. LISTEN & DOWNLOAD BECALMED HERE

On the far-reaching wellness benefits of Yoga Nidra The more you practice Yoga Nidra, the more you will benefit. If you practice a little, it will help you a little. However if you make it a part of your daily wellness routine, you will soon experience profound and positive changes, as it enables you to live a meaningful and peaceful life in any environment. If possible, practice at the same time and in the same place every day, linking it with other positive, daily habits that are already in place in your life. Namaste
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