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Purple Reign

Article By Sahara .

Jan 12, 2018

With Pantone’s colour of the year announced as Ultra Violet and a seismic shift towards all things mindful taking place in 2018, we’re letting purple reign. Discover why we chose to include our favourite shades in our SS18 collection and how you can incorporate them into your new-season wardrobe…
For centuries purple has represented intelligence, sensitivity and magic. In more recent years, the colour has crept into pop culture, affecting our collective psyche in new ways. Purple is a statement; its many shades say ‘I am different. I go against the grain. I see things from a different perspective.’ Purple is creative, merging the cool serenity of blue and the fiery energy of red.
We see the colour in representations of royalty and spirituality all over the world and it’s because of these unique connections that we chose to infuse our Spring and Summer 2018 collections with a range of carefully chosen purple tones.
Our Spring 2018 collection contrasts rich hyacinth and wisteria with new denim and chambray pieces inspired by Japanese indigo. In fact, much of the inspiration for this collection began with Japan; from the natural sheets of Wisteria Floribunda that fall across shaded gardens in Kyoto to the traditional prints and silhouettes crafted with unique precision by the country’s artisans for many hundreds of years.


Our purple pieces were also influenced by the rolling Indian ocean, the flora of Africa and of course, the humble hyacinth, a bright flower native to the easterly climes of the Mediterranean but commonly found in the UK during spring.

Our textural washed hemp gives these purple hues a multifaceted appearance, while our luxuriously soft cashmere in hyacinth is a bold, block-colour piece that showcases the colour’s richness and strength. Purple was also the obvious choice for our soft, seasonal jackets; our designers chose to contrast two tones in a tactile jacquard for statement-making appeal.

Perfect for showing your power, your creativity or your love for colour, our purple pieces are here to stay for spring, summer and beyond. Browse our Purple Reign and Indigo Inspiration boards on Pinterest below or shop spring arrivals online.


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