Sahara is renowned for a unique, bohemian chic aesthetic that has evolved out of endless travels around the world in search of new experiences and ideas.

The story begins over thirty years ago, when founder Suzy Coppersmith-Heaven graduated from the Royal College of Art and decided to travel around the world in the hope of finding inspiration. Sahara was founded as both a result and a part of the varied cultural influences and artisanal collaborations that she discovered and developed along the way.

Combined with a contemporary vision and the desire to provide an individual shopping experience for individual women, Sahara tapped into an unexplored area of a high street shopping experience that was becoming increasingly homogenised.

Twenty years later, the spirit of adventure and creativity with which Suzy set off around the world are still interwoven within each Sahara design.

Sahara make clothes for the individual, not the crowd. Our collections remain an antidote to the ‘fast fashion’ culture of the high street, with each piece carefully hand-created using the most luxurious natural fabrics and traditional textiles.  

We aim to infuse the British high street with a wider choice of unique, contemporary clothes to suit a variety of shapes, skin tones, ages and personal styles. The focus is, and always has been, the woman who wears Sahara. Our pieces are designed to feel luxurious and flatter the figure as part a timeless wardrobe that can be expanded and adapted each season.

We maintain our relationships with peoples and cultures from around the world, but we also believe in the importance of forging new connections and supporting young and upcoming designers. Sahara continues to grow and evolve with the times, and the journey that began with Suzy over thirty years ago is far from over.

If you would like further information, or would like to have a chat to one of our style advisors, please do not hesitate to call us on +44 (0)20 7483 8435 or send an email to customercare@saharalondon.com.